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5 Days Combined Uganda Rwanda Safari Explore Rwanda

Welcome to Belle Africa Tours

Visit Rwanda With Belle Africa Tours and be ready to explore the absolute best of tourist attractions that this land of a thousand hills has to offer. Rwanda is a unique tourist destination in a sense that is it one of the very few places on Earth where Mountain Gorillas can be found in their natural habitat, in the world-famous Volcanoes National Park. The year-round conducive climate, ease of access and friendly people are partly why Rwanda is a tourist destination that tourists from around the world seek to explore throughout the year. Rwanda is also one of the safest countries in the whole of Africa. At Belle Africa Tours, we have vast experience in tour operations in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and we have been in the business for a long time, which is why we are your best bet for an epic safari experience. We have a team of professional staff that pay keen attention to every last detail regarding your trip to ensure that everything goes as planned. And we are flexible enough to customize your safari to best suit your preferences, even at short notice. We only use reliable and well-maintained safari vehicles to maximise your comfort while on safari. Our English-speaking tour guides have got vast knowledge of the tourist destinations. Contact us today to start planning your African safari and let us organise for you the most adventurous tour.

Popular Rwanda Safaris

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Why We Stand Out.

Any tour operator can provide you with a budget Safari in Africa but none can give you the perfect road trip experience like Belle Africa Tours. With years of experience as tour guides across Rwanda, Uganda and the rest of East Africa, Belle Africa tours Professional team makes Africa an ideal Holiday destination. Customizing your Itinerary to best fit time and budget, whatsoever your reason for being in Africa, be it business, adventure holiday to Rwanda Game Parks, Belle Africa Tours will always be there to guide and help you through out your holiday with us. Explore the best of Rwanda wildlife with Belle Africa Tours.


Safari Car Hire

Belle Africa Tours puts safety and comfort first, car hire for Car Rental and Self Drive in Kigali Rwanda, with the latest vehicle models which are regularly maintained. We’re also focused on you having a great time, whatever the adventure, which is why we offer fully equipped vehicles with gear of the highest quality to ensure your experience is a memorable one. Belle Africa Car hire looks into the specific needs of all of our Car hire clients and that is why we offer a car rental package with a driver.

Safari Car Hire
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